What is SketchyLaw?

Unique memory spaces for legal concepts

Our video library of narrated lectures make legal concepts and rules easy to digest and retain by allowing you to create memory palaces with our scenes. This visual-spatial technique, combined with auditory and textual teaching, makes your brain more active and more engaged with the material.


Intuitive sketches that come to life

Watch the sketch as it is drawn so that you are never bogged down by a busy image. Our stories are cohesive and easy to recall on test day.


A Complete Supplement

Our videos are more than mere sketches. Learn the difficult and confusing materials through our detailed narrations, which teach most of what you will need to know for the bar exam and do so in the most digestible way possible.


Review Images

Review images quickly and efficiently with our review images. Hover over the red dots on completed images to reveal key information!

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Unique Features for Smart Studying

Accomplish more with SketchyLaw

Recurring symbols

We make memorizing important concepts, rules and exceptions easy by providing recurring symbols that will allow you to quickly eliminate answer choices and write all of the rules and exceptions relevant for your analysis of a given issue.



Character grouping

Related concepts cleverly appear across a number of sketches, giving you an edge on questions by use of association.


Convenient functionality

Watch on almost any device and save yourself time by viewing videos at 1.5x or 2x speed!


Are you ready to change the way you learn Law?